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Dance Club of Grays Harbor Dances

Dances for 2024 will be on the 3rd Saturday through May, then on the 1st Saturday in October and November, no dance in December.

Hoquiam Elks, 624 K Street, Hoquiam, WA

Live or DJ Music -- Dance Mixers -- Dance Demonstrations

(Food and refreshments available through the Hoquiam Elks)

Dance: 7:30-10pm

Members: $10; Non-Members: $10

Singles welcome

(See dance schedule on Events Page)


Scott Weyer & Arlene Hoiland - Salsa 9-16-17


Rich Lovgren & Arlene Hoiland - Waltz 7-21-2012


Tim Van Houten & Arlene Hoiland & Mary Ann Bagwell- East Coast Swing 10-15-2011


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Mambo 10-15-2011


Don Fargo & Arlene Hoiland - Ten-Step 8-20-16


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - West Coast Swing 10-19-2019


Scott Weyer & Arlene Hoiland - Night Club Two Step 4-20-13


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Silver Foxtrot 2-18-2017


Next Monthly Dance Club Dance:

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Music by Randy Litch!



(My apologies - YouTube has shrunk some of these dance videos.)

Here is a selection of some of my favorite dance demonstrations!


Mark Swanson & Arlene Hoiland - Salsa 3-21-15


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Tango 3-19-2011


Scott Weyer & Arlene Hoiland - Foxtrot 7-16-11


Errol Schukart & Arlene Hoiland - Foxtrot/ECS 2-18-16


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Quickstep 10-19-2013


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Bolero 2-20-2016


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Cha-Cha 11-17-2018


Mark Van Hemert & Arlene Hoiland - Viennese Waltz 2-15-2020



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Some photos from our monthly dances may be posted on the Dance Club's Facebook page, and on the Photos page of this website. Senior Games photos may also be posted on our Facebook page as well as on the Photos/Senior Games page of this website, together with links to the Senior Games competition dances.


Videos of the Senior Games Dance Competition are posted to Sharon Pleus' YouTube page. Prior senior games videos are also posted to Ron Eckardt's YouTube page and (see links on this page)




Search "Dance Club of Grays Harbor" on YouTube for videos of our dances from February 2011 through the present.


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